VitasheetGroup products for Building and construction

building_combo.jpgThe vast range of  ViSpec™ materials combined with our capability to offer tailor-made solutions opens many opportunities for the diverse applications in the Building and construction sector. 


Some examples of applications:

  • Underground pipework protection
  • Floor heating insulation panels
  • Solar cell and roof underlays
  • Cavity wall trays
  • Roof ventilation products
  • Wall cladding
  • Flooring products
  • Signage
  • Rubble chutes


 Key Products 

Main productsDescriptionApplicationKey benefits

ViSpec HD 2100
ViSpec HD/T 2102
ViSpec HD/ET 2104

A range HDPE sheet with excellent impact properties at very low temperatures, with very good chemical resistance and stiffness. Particularly resistant to stress whitening when bent. HD/T and HT/ET versions have improved flow characteristics. Concrete moulds
Rubble chutes
- Very high impact resistance
- Very tough
- High chemical resistance
 ViSpec 3100

 A Polypropylene sheet that has excellent physical characteristics, particularly for applications where impact strength and heat resistance is important. Its chemical resistance is excellent.

Cattle flooring
Animal housing and partitionning
- Very high impact resistance
- Very tough and stiffer than HDPE
- High chemical resistance

ViSpec Eco 3410

A recycled mix of Polyolefine which offers an economical and environmentally friendlier alternative to virgin PP, where the emphasis is on performance and not necessarily colour and surface quality. This material is better suited to fabricated applications. Cattle flooring
Animal housing and partitionning
- High impact resistance
- Very tough
- High chemical resistance
- Economic
ViSpec Root protection 3440

A tough and high chemical resistant Polyolefine for underground protection of technical pipes.

Pipe works protection
Duct Covers

- Economic
- Very tough and resistant
- Durable
- Non polluting

ViSpec lamina 5115

A thin gauge, blown extruded HIPS roll which is suitable for industrial application. Panels for floor heating insulation (lamination on EPS panels) - Easy to process
ViSpec Eco 5400

A mix of recycled HIPS grade, available in black, provides a cost effective solution when aspect is not an issue.

Economic solution when surface finish is not important and physical properties are not critical - Economic
- Easy to form and fabricate

 ViSpec FR 5500

A HIPS sheet with good impact strength and the right balance of stiffness and toughness.  This material is UL94 V0 at 1,5 mm and also complies to NF 92501 M3 rating. Fuse boxes
Electric boxes
- Easy to fabricate
- Fire rating NF 92501 M3
- Fire rating UL94 V0 at 1,5 mm
 ViSpec FRB1 5510

A HIPS sheet with good impact strength and the right balance of stiffness and toughness.  This materials meets German regulation DIN 4102, classification B1.

Fuse boxes - DIN 4102 B1 rating
- Cost effective

 ViSpec 5610

An opaque HIPS sheet with improved UV resistance.  The 5620 has a coex layer on top of a standard HIPS base, offering a good compromise of cost and UV resistance. External signage
- Easy to form
- Wide range of colours
- Resistance to UV
ViSpec FRPC 9800 An ABS/PC blended sheet that has been modified with a flame retardant grade of ABS/PC and has NF 92501 M1 and NF 16101 F2 Certification.  This sheet has easy processing properties of an ABS but with the heat resistance and mechanical properties of Polycarbonate. Equipment and decoration in public area - Halogen and chlorine free
- Fire and smoke certification
- Shock resistant