VSG Royalite Quality Statement



Founded in 1957 VSG Royalite is a leading manufacturer of Thermoplastic sheet, our corporate offices and manufacturing facility is based in the village of Newbridge, Midlothian.

VSG Royalite’s quality management system (QMS) is intended to comply fully with ISO 9001.

The scope of our QMS, as recorded on our ISO 9001 registration is:


The manufacture of engineered Thermoplastic sheet.


The quality manual represents the scope of VSG Royalite’s QMS, references the procedures established, identifies the relationships between the procedures and processes established, and defines the interactions between these processes. The relationship between ISO 9001 and VSG Royalite’s QMS is defined in the manual and the internal audit schedule.

VSG Royalite is committed to live by the spirit of all applicable clauses of ISO 9001, including the requirement to continually improve the effectiveness of its QMS. This commitment is supported by VSG Royalite’s quality policy statement:


Quality Policy Statement

"We are committed to consistently exceeding customer expectations by providing products, services and information of the highest quality in terms of safety, reliability, accuracy and timeliness. Our success is based on continuously improving the effectiveness of our products, processes, and quality management system.