VitasheetGroup products for the Caravan and Marine Industries

Caravan1.jpgFor external components, our UV resistant thermoplastic material has an attractive durable finish that has been proven and tested ensuring a long-lasting stable aspect, and impact resistance.

For internal components, our range of modern, stylish materials are suitable for areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, cabin trims and living areas.

With style in mind, our materials can be made in a range of colour finishes and textures to keep up with the latest styles and designs.


Key Areas of Application

ViSpec™ materials are used in the following areas:

  • Caravan fronts and rears
  • Internal bathroom products
  • Shower cubicles
  • Luxury cabin components
  • Hull liners
  • Dashboards
  • Seating
  • Cabin interiors

Key Products 

Main productsDescriptionApplicationKey benefits

ViSpec HD 2100
ViSpec HD/T 2102
ViSpec HT/ET 2104

A range HDPE sheet with excellent impact properties at very low temperatures, and very good chemical resistance and stiffness. Particularly resistant to stress whitening when bent. HD/T and HT/ET versions are with improved flow characteristics. Wheel arch liners
Mud guards
Under bonnet components
- Very high impact resistance
- Very tough
- High chemical resistance

 ViSpec DE 2150

 A double sided embossed HDPE sheet, designed for external use, particularly in playgrounds, boat equipment and outdoor activity markets. It has excellent impact resistance at low temperatures, very good stiffness and is easily thermoformed and fabricated.  Through co-extrusion it is possible to have several layers of different colours, which can give visually stunning effects.

Hatch covers
Rubbing strips
Hull protectors

- Soft material, safe
- High chemical and weather resistance, graffiti resistant
- Stunning effect with multicolor layers

 ViSpec PPC 3100

 A Polypropylene sheet that has excellent physical characteristics, particularly for applications where impact strength and heat resistance is important. Its chemical resistance is excellent. Mud guards
Wheel arch liners
Interior components
- Very high impact resistance
- Very tough and stiffer than HDPE
- High chemical resistance

 ViSpec Mineral 3110

A modified Polypropylene sheet filled with a high quality mineral for greater rigidity and improved forming characteristics than our standard range of PPC materials. Interior components
Wheel arch liners
- Improved thermoforming performance
- Very tough and  improved stiffness
- High chemical resistance
ViSpec Soft feel 3170  A modified Polypropylene sheet with a coextruded soft feel cap with excellent impact properties and semi- rigid stiffness. The cap layer has a flexible soft layer which imparts a pleasant touch, with anti-slip properties.  It also has good anti-fogging properties and meets European Directive (Transit) 95/28/EC. Storage compartments
Interior trims
- Cost effective
- Easy to form
- Good matt finish
- Pleasant soft feel touch
ViSpec HI 5100

An opaque HIPS sheet that offers a good balance of stiffness and toughness.  It has very good impact strength and is ideal for general-purpose applications. It is very easy to thermoform and fabricate.

Shower enclosures
Wall linings
Bathroom components

- Economic
- Easy to form and fabricate
ViSpec Décor 5190

A HIPS sheet laminated with a high quality printed PS film or Acrylic film which gives improved UV and scratch resistance.

Wall cladding
- Easy to form and fabricate
- Choice of high quality decor
ViSpec Soft feel 6170
ViSpec Soft feel 6172

A soft capped ABS, which gives excellent soft touch properties but has the toughness and stiffness of ABS.  The soft layer has very good anti-fogging properties; 6172 is the high heat version.

Door trims
Parcel shelves
Interior trims
- Soft feel surface
- Superb matt finish
- Good abrasion resistance
- Good grain retention
ViSpec Décor 6190

A tough and rigid ABS sheet covered with a laminated  patterned foil surface. Suitable for outdoor use with scratch resistance and UV resistance grades available.

Interior and exterior panels
Trim items
Décor panels
- Surface resistant to UV and scratches
- Choice of high quality décor
- Wide range of patterns and effects
ViSpec Eco 6410
ViSpec Indus 6430

Recycled ABS sheet offering an economical and environmentally friendlier alternative to virgin ABS, with excellent durability, rigidity and heat resistant performance.  6430 has an improved surface aspect (colour & surface quality compared to the Eco 6400) due to a virgin capped top layer.

Non critical interior parts
Unseen reinforcing components
- Ease of thermoforming
- Robustness
- Economic
- Ecologic
ViSpec Sun 6700

Acrylic capped ABS offering excellent weathering properties with high UV and scratch resistance,  ideal for meeting the demands of exposure to the elements of the outdoors.

Exterior body panels
Front and rear bumpers
Head light surrounds
Badges and logos
- UV resistance 
- Lightweight
- High gloss surface
- High range of colours including metallics
- Cost advantage vs painted metal
ViSpec San 6710

A hardwearing acrylic capped ABS with excellent surface aspect and high scratch resistant and impact properties.

Caravans & motorhome Shower trays
Wetroom components
Bathroom accessories
- High sustainable gloss
- Excellent scratch resistance
- Good chemical resistance and easy clean surface