Carolex packaging started as a private company in 1978 and joined the Gaillon Group in 1980. From the outset, Carolex was dedicated to the extrusion of plastic for packaging applications -, starting with the extrusion of PS, and then deciding to offer PET to its customer as early as 1991. Carolex also decided to launch PP sheet for Graphic Arts application in 1995, which finally led to the acquisition of Axipack in 1998 and the creation of Carolex Graphic Arts department. 

Carolex.jpgAnother important step for the company was made in 1998 when a huge emphasis was made on export. This was the base for incremental growth in terms of capacity and the acquisition of one PS and one PET line. Today, exports account for 50 % of the turnover.

 An important point of focus for the company has been the development in demanding applications like medical packaging. A dust-free environment PET line was installed for this market in 1996. Carolex also developed robust processes to support these markets, leading to ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2001 (now ISO 9001: 2008) and BRC/IoP (hygien certification) certification in 2005. Carolex today, has a leading position in medical device packaging in Europe. 

With a capacity of 16 000 T, Carolex packaging department is VitasheetGroup’s center of excellence for PS and PET rolls for thermoformed packaging, and PET sheets for folded boxes application. 

Carolex is very active in proposing environmentally friendly solutions for packaging within the market, with solutions based on post-consumer recyclates and post industrial recyclates. 

With a reactive and customer focused team, Carolex relies on its high quality standards, innovative capability and strong technical support to develop its activity.

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