Cosmetic packaging solutions

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The VitasheetGroup sheet and film range has been developed to meet the very specific demands of the premium beauty and luxury packaging markets. Available in a variety of transparent, tinted or decorated finishes, ViForm™ films not only look good but are manufactured with a high level of durability, to help withstand the impacts of transportation, store display and the logistics systems in manufacturing facilities.

ViForm™ films are the elite packaging choice for the cosmetic industry. 

Key material properties include:

  • Super clear transparency
  • Availability of a wide range of colors and finishes
  • Excellent aspect standards
  • Environment friendly (No PVC, Recyclable)

In addition to our standard range of products, VitasheetGroup supplies multi-layer products that are co-extruded or laminated. For customers searching for something different or looking after an environmentally friendly solution, we have the tools and expertise to help customers develop new and innovative materials suited to their requirements.  


ViForm™ materials are used in the following applications:

  • Trays
  • Displays
  • Blisters
  • Boxes

Fast Response & short lead times

VitasheetGroup is focused on delivering high service to the packaging industry demonstrating flexibility and short lead times. VitasheetGroup is Europe’s largest producer of custom-made extruded sheet and films and we have a presence throughout Europe to ensure we can offer our customers local support. Moreover, as a multi-site operator, we have the capability to manufacture close to our customers, yet offer a wide range of specialist expertise and products.

Key Products

Main productsDescriptionApplicationKey benefits
ViForm 5100 A HIPS roll is an opaque material that has a good balance of stiffness and toughness. This material is our standard opaque grade for general-purpose applications, which has very good impact strength and is an excellent all-purpose material.   Cosmetic trays  - Easy to form
- Range of colours and colour matches
- Metalised colours available 
ViForm CST 5140

This HIPS roll is designed for Cosmetic trays application and offers a more cost-effective solution than general 5100 product while retaining a good aspect. Available in White only. 

 Cosmetic trays  - Easy to form
- Good balance of price and quality 
ViForm Antistatic 5150 A HIPS roll with Antistatic additives.  The Antistatic properties are good for reducing dust contamination.  Display trays  - Easy to form
- Reduce dust attraction
- Full color range
- Metallised colours available 
ViForm Décor 5190

An HIPS roll that has good impact strength. This material is laminated with fashionable printed film to give an all range high standard finish for the most demanding cosmetic and luxury market. 

 Cosmetic trays  - Easy to form
- Range of fashionable finishes 
ViForm Clear AGL 10

An Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate (APET) roll designed for high-end packaging. This material offers excellent clarity, coupled with the stiffness similar to Polycarbonate. 

 Cosmetic trays  - Stiffness
- High transparency 
ViForm Clear BLS 30 An APET roll developed for non-food, blisters applications, offering excellent clarity, coupled with the stiffness similar to Polycarbonate.   Cosmetic trays  - Stiffness
- Good balance of price and quality 
ViForm Clear CST 10

An APET roll developed specifically for very demanding cosmetic and luxury packaging. It offers excellent de-nesting capabilities while preserving a very pure transparency. 

 Cosmetic trays

- Stiffness
- High transparency
- Very good denesting capabilities

ViForm Clear CST 30 An APET roll that is designed to offer an environmentally friendly and cost effective solution for cosmetic packaging. It includes selected post industrial, reprocessed, recyclates allowing high aspect quality and neutrality of colour while promoting material recycling.   Cosmetic trays  - Stiffness
- High transparency
- Incorporates recyclates