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Royalite Plastics started producing plastic sheets in 1963 in Vittuone, and in 1988 became part of the Vita Group.  Further, following growing demand, in 1998 the Company moved to a larger location in Cuggiono.

Cuggiono.JPGWith a capacity of more than 20000 tons per year, the site is amongst the largest in Europe and offers all grades of PS, ABS and Coextruded ABS sheets in a full range of grades, patterns and colours.

From the outset, the main focus of the Company was the production of high gauge thermoplastic sheets for industrial applications, and it was one of the first companies in Europe to offer coextruded ABS/PMMA sheets for indoor and outdoor use.

The core of the business is still the automotive market where, due to its specific production system, Royalite can offer unique products. For this reason more than 40% of the entire production is sold on the export markets to all of the most important multi-national companies.  Nevertheless, the Company is also active in the sanitary, building, pharmaceutical, packaging and advertising markets

The factory has been ISO 9001 certified. For information regarding our material safety data sheets please click here.

With a reactive and market orientated team, Royalite relies on its high quality standards, innovative capability and strong technical support to fulfil all of the most sensitive and critical market needs.