VitasheetGroup products for the Door Market

door1.jpgTo meet the high demands of the European door market, VitasheetGroup has developed a range of durable door panels and skins.

Our materials offer excellent weatherability, chemical and heat resistance and are engineered to ensure long-lasting colour stability in extreme weather conditions.

We offer an unmatched colour range of materials to compliment most window profile systems in Europe. Partnering with one of the markets leading producers of exterior foils, we provide the best wood grain finish in the market.

Our materials can be custom-made or matched to deliver a consistent texture and colour for the perfect finish, whatever your style requirements.

 Key Area of Application

  • Exterior domestic doors
  • Interior doors
  • Conservatory panels
  • Garage doors

Key Products 

Main productsDescriptionApplicationKey benefits

 ViSpec Décor 5190

A High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) laminated with a high quality printed PS film or Acrylic film which gives improved UV and scratch resistance. Interior door decoration - Easy to form and fabricate
- Choice of high quality decor
 ViSpec Décor 6190

A tough and rigid ABS sheet covered with a laminated patterned foil surface. Suitable for outdoor use with scratch resistance and UV resistance grades available.

Interior and exterior door panels
Infill panels

- Surface resistant to UV and scratches
- Choice of high quality décor
- Matched to profile extrusions

ViSpec Sun 6700

Acrylic capped ABS offering excellent weathering properties with high UV and scratch resistance, ideal for meeting the demands of exposure to the elements of the outdoors. Interior and exterior doors panels
Garage doors

- Robust
- Available in primary colours 
- Designed to match white PVC extrusion
- Low thermal expansion