Esbjerg Thermoplastics, based in Denmark, started production of fibres and thermoplastics in the 1960’s. The company was acquired by British Vita in 1989 and the plant moved to its current purpose built site in Tistrup, Denmark in 1995.

Today, The company specialises in monofilament production, sold under the brand Esmofil™, for farming and agriculture applications as well as thick and thin gauge thermoplastics sheet for various industrial and packaging applications. Esbjerg Thermoplastics is a key VitasheetGroup company for production of thermoformable sheet and rolls for ABS, PS and PP applications. Esbjerg Thermoplastics is also the specialist supplier of conductive and dissipative Polystyrene within the VSG group, the product is available in both sheet and roll form.   

The company services a Pan European customer base for both fibres and sheet customers with a focus on quality and service and is the base for VitasheetGroup servicing to Nordic region. The production facility has a 24/7 capacity of 15,500 T.

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