The Company was founded in 1960 and became the first thermoformer in France. The Company boasted up to 17 thermoforming machines and 5 machining centers, mostly built by the Company itself. Bought in 1988 by Gerland, it then focused on extrusion technology using innovative co-extrusion processes, allowing superimposing of up to 4 layers. In 1993, Gaillon was integrated within VitasheetGroup, allowing the Company to absorb its leading French competitor, CONVERT Extrusion, to become the largest extruder in France.

Gaillon.jpgThe GAILLON SAS site itself, is ideally situated just north of Lyon at the intersection of major road networks and serves French and European customers over a wide territory. The GAILLON site also provides an ideal platform for the European market (Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Belgium, ...).

The factory operates 7 days a week, employing a hundred staff, all involved in the customization of manufacturing, with a wealth of knowledge of thermoformers’ needs.  (GAILLON SAS was the first to propose the PS / PE and ABS / PC as an alternative to PS or ABS). With 10 extrusion lines it has a capacity of 17 000 tonnes per year and covers most thermoformers’ needs (PS, ABS, PP, HDPE, SBIP, ABS / PMMA, ...). It also provides a complementary technical range (Gertex EN, PP / TPO, PPO / PA).

GAILLON, as a pioneer for 15 years in the medical and railway sectors, regularly meets customer expectations by testing and providing solutions for re-extrusion of their regrind. 

VitasheetGroup’s Centre of Excellence for technical products and local provider of French market, Gaillon continues its innovation policy.

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