Crafted materials for Graphic Arts

VitasheetGroup is a specialist in the production of extruded sheets and rolls for the Graphic Arts market, including materials for stationery, printing, promotion and point of sales (POS), packaging & boxing applications.

Known as the Viprint™ range, these printable plastics have been specially designed with creative applications in mind, offering all the desired qualities and performance characteristics important to meeting the needs of the Graphic Arts industry with specific solutions for UV-offset, UV-flexo digital and screen printing. These materials are available in a wide range of finishes and textures, designed to the latest styles and tactile effects, from glossy and super matt finishes, to fine textures and patterned embosses.

For material choice, the ViPrint™ range offers the widest selection of printable plastics suited to Graphic Arts applications in Europe.

More information can be found in our Graphic Arts Brochure.

The Stock Service catalogue is available. Our new catalogue includes 52 products available from stock, which can be dispatched the next day!

As graphic industry specialists, VitasheetGroup provides a complete range of material solutions for customers to choose from including extruded, co-extruded and laminated sheets and films made from PET, PS and PP. 

Why VitasheetGroup?

Wide range of materials - VitasheetGroup has developed a reputation in the Graphic Arts industry for supplying a wide range of high grade materials using specifically developed formulations for high performance printing.

Available in a range of thicknesses from 0.10mm to 12.00mm, and ViPrint™ is produced in extruded sheet and rolls.

Quality Assurance - All VitasheetGroup facilities are ISO 9001 certified. ViPrint™ materials are manufactured to strict manufacturing standards, meeting all relevant Standards required by the Graphic Arts industry and are guaranteed to be free of Cadmium and heavy metals.

Service - To meet the service demands of our customers, a selection of ViPrint™ materials are available in small batches from 50 sheets, and can be delivered within 48 to 72 hours to destinations all across Europe.

Innovation - VitasheetGroup is continuously developing new materials to meet the latest market requirements. A structured approach to market research, product development and material testing, offers customers the ability to deliver a wider range of products in the latest colours and finishes to new and existing markets.

Environment - VitasheetGroup - Carolex Graphic Arts is engaged in an ambitious environmental approach. The objective is to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. The implementation of a Carbon assessment with the ADEME allows us to measure and to master our direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gas. We also develop ecological and economic solutions. VitasheetGroup - Carolex Graphic Arts proposes a range of products made with recycled materials, ideal solution today to answer the expectation of the end users of sustainable development. The ViPrint ™ range answers the environmental concerns of the customers. Our products are environment-friendly, they are without PVC and are extruded with a recyclable resin. More information in our environment brochure.