Health and Safety

The safe way is the right way

The production and processing of plastics demands the highest level of awareness of safety and our environment. All VitasheetGroup sites are focused on our core Safety, Health & Environment goals of no accidents, no harm to people or property and continuous improvement in our SHE performance. On behalf of employees, customers and local communities, we ensure that safety and the environmental impact of our operations is considered at every stage.

The most vital part of our company vision is safety.

We are governed by the ‘Vita Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Policy’ which outlines the broad principles for SHE Management. In support and development of these principles the VitasheetGroup aim is to ensure that we have the resources, capability and enthusiasm to enable this policy to be fully implemented. Furthermore our policy is supported by ‘Our SHE Beliefs’. To guarantee that we meet our goals, it is essential that everyone who works for VitasheetGroup takes a positive and proactive approach to SHE.

We engage our employees in SHE principles through leadership and training and we utilise our resources to ensure that we manage and improve our SHE issues effectively. We expect all employees to behave in a safe manner that does not place themselves or others at risk of injury. We always abide by and respect local laws and take prompt action to prevent pollution, continuously improve environmental performance and meet relevant environmental legislation.


To achieve this we need everyone who works
for VitasheetGroup to take a positive and
proactive approach to all SHE matters.




Our SHE beliefs – we believe that:

  • All injuries and occupational illness are preventable.
  • All VitasheetGroup employees are responsible for preventing injuries and illnesses.
  • All staff must behave in a safe manner that keeps themselves and others free from harm.
  • We will report unsafe acts and conditions as soon as possible.
  • Training is an essential element for safe work places.
  • Safety inspections and audits must be conducted regularly, and deficiencies must be corrected promptly.
  • It is essential that we investigate all unsafe practices and incidents that can potentially cause harm.