VSG Royalite

The Royalite site
set up business at Castle Mills in Edinburgh in 1957 for the extrusion and compounding of plastic and rubber products and 10 years later Newbridge picture.JPGmoved to its present purpose built manufacturing site at Newbridge on the outskirts of Edinburgh.  The company grew healthily over the years and became part of the VitasheetGroup, a division of British Vita, in 1998. 

The Royalite facility is equipped with 7 extrusions lines which operate 24 hours a day, has a capacity of over 10,000 tonnes per annum and specialises in the manufacture of engineered thermoplastic sheet in a wide range of colours and grain patterns by extrusion and multi- extrusion processes.  Lamination techniques are also utilised to allow for the combination of decorative materials with the finished sheet. 

The manufactured sheet from the site (ABS, ABS / PMMA, FR ABS and PVC) is supplied in the main for conversion by thermoforming and high-pressure processes to manufacture parts for the mass transport, medical, construction, sanitary and door markets, as well as numerous other sheet and forming applications.  

Our business operates to give product and service of the highest quality and the Company’s willingness to expand and continuously innovate in all areas of business has resulted in continued revenue and product expansion and increased production outputs.

It is our aim to lead the industry in which we operate by having the best safety, environmental, financial and customer service performance.  The Newbridge site is VitasheetGroup's centre of excellence for FR ABS and PVC products and Royalite is a leading brand in the UK and throughout Europe.

The factory has been ISO 9001:2015 certified. For information regarding our Quality Management System, please click here.

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