Operational Excellence

Providing performance assurance

small_looking.jpgVitasheetGroup Operational Excellence Process is based on real world thinking, enabling our business to thrive on it’s bedrock of sustainable competitive advantage. Through operational excellence, we are working better and smarter in all we do. Armed with Operational Excellence tools, our people have the capability to build VitasheetGroup's distinctiveness through continuous improvement, adding value to our customers through the provision of performance assurance.

Our intensive regime takes our staff through a staged training process, encompassing the basic awareness stage of Yellow Belt level, through our certified Green Belt level where operators are developing problem solving techniques and a higher level experience of the Operation Excellence process, right through to the superior certified levels of Black Belt and Master Black Belt where operators are highly skilled in use of Operational Excellence and able to mentor colleagues and ultimately teach Operational Excellence disciplines and develop Operational Excellence strategies.

Striving for Operational Excellence (PDF document)