Our History

1949: British Vita established as Vita Foams Ltd and renamed in 1966

1980s: Growth and expansion through various acquisitions

1988: Introduction of the sheet division. Acquisition of Royalite Plastics (Italy & Scotland) and Metzeler Metzeler Plastics (Germany).

1989: The purchase of Wrexham by Royalite, extended the company’s product range to include polyethylene and polypropylene.

1993: French thermoplastics business Gaillon acquired. 3 sites includes Carolex. – expansion of portfolio into PET, PS & ABS for French packaging, printing & stationery industries.

1998: Acquisition of the largest thermoplastic sheet manufacturer Doeflex PLC. – 8 sites in Uk & Belgium. (Complete portfolio of product range – namely HIPS).

2000: Metzeler Plastics celebrated 40 years of operations.

2002: Acquisition of Fabex Ltd (UK), with assets later to be relocated to Vita's existing thermoplastic sheet facility, VTS Doeflex, based at Redhill, Surrey.

2005: Privatisation of British Vita and purchased by TPG Spring (UK) and Spring (France) SAS. Esbjerg Thermoplastics (Denmark) celebrated 100 years of operations.

2006: Thermoplastic Sheet division renamed and grouped under the one brand - VitasheetGroup. Rationalisation of manufacturing capabilities within Vitasheetgroup to establish centres of excellence. Closure of the Doeflex and Royalite – Calleppio sites as a result.

2007: Opening of the new purpose built Research & Development Centre at the Germany site in Julich/Kirchberg on the 18th April 2007.