Vitasheetgroup products for outdoor leisure equipment

outdoor1.jpgVitasheetGroup has developed a range of products with special mechanical properties, enhanced UV stability and impact resistance, suited to produce parts used in outdoor furniture, children’s play equipment and general products for recreational and leisure pursuits.

Designed with children’s play equipment in mind, our unique double embossed material is an example of innovation at its best. Manufactured with a contrasting coloured core, ViSpec De 2150 is non abrasive and non toxic, allowing designers the freedom to explore new concepts using multiple colours to create new and interesting products for young children.

 Key Area of Application

  • Children’s garden toys
  • Garden slides
  • Fish pond liners
  • Playground equipment
  • Fishing boxes
  • Camping equipment

Key Products 

Main productsDescriptionApplicationKey benefits

ViSpec HD 2100
ViSpec HD/T 2102

ViSpec HT/ET 2104

A range HDPE sheet with excellent impact properties at very low temperatures, with very good chemical resistance and stiffness. Particularly resistant to stress whitening when bent. HD/T and HT/ET versions have improved flow characteristics. Fish Pools
Garden slides
Sand pits
- Very high impact resistance
- Very tough
- High chemical resistance
- UV resistant
ViSpec DE 2150 A double-sided embossed HDPE sheet, designed for external use, particularly in playgrounds, boat equipment and outdoor activity markets. It has excellent impact resistance at low temperatures, very good stiffness and is easily thermoformed and fabricated.  Through co-extrusion it is possible to have several layers of different colours, which can give visually stunning effects.

Playground equipment
Outdoor toys

- Soft material, safe for children
- High chemical and graffiti resistant
- UV resistant
- Stunning effect with multicolor layers

 ViSpec W 6610

An ABS sheet capped with a ASA layer.  This combination offers the outdoor resistance of ASA, with the superior impact resistance and rigidity of ABS.  It gives the benefit of extended weathering performance giving long service to exposed environments. Outdoor toys
Camping equipment
Fishing equipment boxes
Roof boxes
- Good chemical resistance
- UV resistance
- Wide range of embossing and colours

 ViSpec Sun 6700

Acrylic capped ABS offering excellent weathering properties with high UV and scratch resistance, ideal for meeting the demands of exposure to the elements of the outdoors. Outdoor toys
Camping equipment
Fishing equipment boxes
Roof boxes
- Excellent UV resistance
- High gloss surface
- Wide range of colours