An extensive range of materials for Packaging

Specialists in Packaging

VitasheetGroup specialises in the production of extruded sheets and packaging1.jpgfilms for food, medical, cosmetic and general-purpose packaging. 

Manufactured under the ViForm™ brand, VitasheetGroup’s range of packaging products have been engineered to meet the protective demands of most packaging applications, offering outstanding mechanical performance qualities, good temperature and impact resistance, rigidity, gloss and clarity.   

ViForm™ materials are manufactured in a wide range of plastics, including extruded, co-extruded and laminated sheets and films made from PET, PS, ABS, PP and PE. These materials are easily processed and are recyclable. 

In addition to our standard range of products, VitasheetGroup can provide tailored material, specific to your packaging requirements.  Many of the products in the ViForm™ range are used in applications that require strict manufacturing guidelines meeting the certification requirements for hygiene and safety by the food industry.

VitasheetGroup has also introduced a range of solutions for environmentally friendly packaging based on post-consumer wastes and post industrial wastes. See our full range by downloading the following brochure.

Why VitasheetGroup?

Wide range - VitasheetGroup has developed a reputation in the packaging industry for supplying a wide range of high grade materials using specifically developed formulations for high performance or demanding applications for various thermoforming and packing equipment. 

Quality - Central to our activities is our Total Quality program. All our facilities are ISO 9001 certified and our Carolex site, specialising in PS and PET for packaging, is also BRC/IoP certified. 

Service - Well aware of the requirements of the packaging industry, our team is focused to deliver a top performance service and find the best solutions with their customers.

Innovation - VitasheetGroup is continuously developing new materials to meet the latest market requirements. A structured approach to market research, product development and material testing, offers customers the ability to deliver a wider range of products in the latest colours and finishes to new and existing markets.