Viform range


Quality made extruded sheets and rolls designed for packaging including food and medical packaging, blister, cosmetic packaging and general forming applications.

ViForm™ Range Summary

ProductDescriptionFeaturesDimensions Thickness/Width

ViForm™ 2000

Polyethylene rolls, with low temperature properties, very good foldability and excellent resistance to stress whitening. - Good impact resistance
- Excellent low temperature performance
- Excellent chemical resistance
0.40 - 1.00mm /
300 - 1200mm

ViForm™ 3000

A range of polypropylene rolls offering good chemical resistance with a solid temperature performance, impact strength and excellent clarity. - High clarity / transparency
- Good impact resistance
- Excellent high temperature performance
- Excellent chemical resistance
0.40 - 1.20mm /
300 - 1200mm

ViForm™ 5000

A wide range of polystyrene rolls, easy to thermoform to meet the various requirements of many packaging applications. - Good stiffness
- Excellent formability
- Excellent handling properties including welding, gluing, sealing, printing and cutting
0.20 - 2.00mm /
300 - 1200mm

ViForm™ 6000

Easy thermoformable ABS sheets and rolls offering excellent impact resistance and high rigidity. - Excellent impact resistance
- Good stiffness
- Good formability and printability
- Good chemical resistance
0.25 - 2.00mm /
300 - 1000mm

ViForm™ Clear

A range of very clear PET rolls (APET and PETG), offering high transparency and stiffness.

- Excellent stiffness
- Excellent transparency
- Excellent printability
- Good formability - HF Sealable

0.20 - 1.25mm /
300 - 1200mm

*All Dimensions shown are a guide only, additional dimensions available on request.