ViPrint range

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An innovative and stylish range of custom monolayer and co-extruded sheets designed to meet the needs of the Graphic Arts industry including stationery, printing, boxing, promotion and point of sale applications.

ViPrint™ materials are available in a diverse range of finishes and textures designed to the latest styles and tactile effects, from glossy and super matt finishes, to fine textures and patterned embosses. What makes these materials suited to the needs of our customers in the Graphic Arts industry is their excellent printability and ease of handling with respect to cutting, folding and gluing.

More information can be found in our Graphic Arts Brochure.

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ViPrint™ Range Summary

Product Description Features Dimensions Thickness/Width

ViPrint™ 2000

Polyethylene sheet, with low temperature properties, very good foldability and excellent resistance to stress whitening. - Excellent folding capability
- Good printability
- Good impact resistance
- Good welding capability
0.40 - 30mm  
300 - 2000mm

ViPrint™ 3000

Polypropylene sheets with excellent folding and creasing properties available in a very wide range of stylish textures and finishes. - Excellent folding capability
- Extensive range of colours, finishes & textures
- Good printability & impact resistance
0.28 - 30mm
300 - 2000mm

ViPrint™ 5000

High impact polystyrene sheet, with excellent printability and handling. - Excellent handling properties including welding, gluing, printing & cutting 0.10 - 12mm
300 - 3000mm

ViPrint™ Clear

Extruded PET sheets, offering excellent transparency and stiffness, with a good printing surface. - Good stiffness
- Excellent transparency
- Good welding capability
- Good printability
0.24 - 0.60mm
500 - 1200mm

All materials supplied in the ViPrint™ range are recyclable and have been approved in accordance with food and children's toy safety standards. *All Dimensions shown are a guide only, additional dimensions available on request.