VitasheetGroup products for Wall Protection & Cladding

wall1.jpgWe offer a range of highly specified sheet materials that are safe to use in airports, hospitals and food production areas.  These products are also durable and resilient.

With clean lines and a flawless finishes, our materials ensure a hygienic and easy to clean surface with anti-microbial properties to reduce bacterial growth and anti-graffiti resistance to offer protection in high risk areas. 

Key Areas of Application

  • Graffiti resistant panels
  • Impact resistant cladding
  • Insulation panels for cold rooms
  • Decorative surface coverings for the public sector

 Key Products 

Main productsDescriptionApplicationKey benefits
 ViSpec PPC 3100 A Polypropylene sheet that has excellent physical characteristics, particularly for applications where impact strength and chemical resistance are important. Insulation panels for cold rooms
Industrial wall cladding
- Very high impact resistance
- Very tough
- High chemical resistance
- Easy to clean
 ViSpec R47 9847

An impact modified PVC that has been developed to produce a light- weight, tough, flame retardant sheet.  Available in an extensive range of colours and finishes, these sheets are easy to clean and resistant to staining, providing a beautiful finish that lasts. The sheet is certified BS 476-7 Class 1Y in UK and NF 92-501 M1 in France. 

Decorative wall protection
Door protection
- Decorative protection, colors and embosses available
- Resistant to cleaning agents and abrasion
- Fire certified

 ViSpec FRPC 9800

A ABS/PC blended sheet that has been modified with a flame retardant grade of ABS/PC and has NF 92501 M1 and NF 16101 F2 Certification.  This sheet has easy processing properties of an ABS but with the heat resistance and mechanical properties of Polycarbonate. Wall protection
Door protection
- Halogen and chlorine free
- Fire and smoke certification
- Shock resistant