Key Products - Agriculture

Main products Description Application Key benefits
Vispec HD 2100 A High Density Polyethylene (HDPE, PE-HD) with excellent impact properties at very low temperatures, with very good chemical resistance and stiffness. It is particular resistant to stress whitening when bent. Wheel arch liners - Very high impact resistance
ViSpec HD/T 2102   Mud guards - Very tough
ViSpec HT/ET 2104   HD/T : improved flow characteristics
HD/ET : Further improved flow characteristics
- High chemical resistance
- Easy to recycle
ViSpec Mineral 3110 A modified Polypropylene Block Copolymer (PPC) filled with a high quality mineral for greater rigidity and thermoformability than our standard range of PPC materials. Mud guardsWheel arch linersInterior components - Easy to form
- Very tough
- High chemical resistance
- Easy to recycle
Vispec Soft feel 3160 and 3170 A Polypropylene Block Copolymer (PPC) with excellent impact strength and heat resistance, modified with elastomeric soft touch layer.  It is co-extruded with a soft feel elastomer.  It imparts the excellent impact properties and a semi rigid stiffness but with a flexible soft layer which imparts a pleasant touch and anti-slip properties.  It also has good anti fogging properties and meet European Directive (Transit) 95/28/EC. Boot liners
Interior trims
- Cost effective vs ABS/TPE and ABS/TPU 
- Easy to form
- Good matt finish
- Pleasant soft touch feel
- Easy to recycle
Vispec Veh 6128 A specifically formulated ABS materials which is tough, durable and has a high degree of rigidity, which has been specified to meet the EC Directive 95/28/EC ‘relating to the burning behaviour of materials used in the construction of certain categories of motor vehicles’. Veh : Vehicles interiors - Easy to form
Vispec HH 6120   HH : High heat resistance - Good matt finish
Vispec X21 6130   X21 : Dashboards - Wide range of finishes and colours
Vispec SHI 6150   SHI : Super high impact - Easy to recycle
Vispec X21 6139   R12 : High heat resistance - Very high matt
Vispec X06 6149   X21 : Dashboards - High colour consistency
VisPec 844ES 6159   844ES : Super high impact  
Vispec Soft feel 6170 A TPE capped ABS, which gives an excellent soft touch properties but has the toughness and stiffness of ABS.  The TPE layer has very good anti-fogging properties and a fairly neutral odour. Vehicles interior and dashboards - Soft feel surface
- Superb matt finish
- Good abrasion resistance
ViSpec Sun 6700 Acrylic capped ABS offering excellent weathering properties with high UV and scratch resistance,  ideal for meeting the demands of exposure to the elements of the outdoors. Roofs
Bonnet covers
- Lightweight
- High gloss surface
- High range of colours including metallics
- Cost advantage vs painted metal
Vispec VHT 9910 A modified high heat Polyphenyloxide (PPO/PA) that has a good combination of tensile strength, rigidity and toughness.  It has a very high working temperature (HDT 160oC).  It has very good chemical resistance against hydrocarbons, acids and alkalis. Under bonnet components - HDT temperature of 160°C
- Very high chemical equipment
- Good impact resistance and rigidity